Several suggestions for excellent commute activities

If you notice yourself bored on your commute, or you would like to make a more productive use of your time, attempt one among the following exercises to make your morning better.

Whether you commute by train or bus, if you are lucky enough to get yourself a seat, it may still not be the most stimulating of times, as you sit for a significant portion of your first few hours in the morning simply looking out or people-watching. A wonderful habit to pick up on your daily commute to work is reading: whether or not it's a new chapter of a saga which captured your heart, or a non-fiction on an area you’re seriously interested in, the print marketplace is still there for you to find the ideal book, as revealed by the success of Waterstones’ activist owner.

As you think how to make a commute enjoyable, one excellent way to feel productive is to master a brand-new hobby, maybe a crafty one. For sure, something like scrap booking is most likely not the most convenient thing to do on public transport, but you could learn a new ability, like knitting for example. Even only browsing through a magazine, you will notice that institutions as significant as Vogue’s parent company offer resources on how to learn several kinds of stitches and patterns, and it could be an extremely nice way to make your own accessories or little presents for your friends!

If you were to put together a list of train commuting essentials, amongst the most common things individuals tend to take is headphones. If your journey to engage is usually a bit busy and you cannot usually get a seat, it may very well be challenging to engage in a pastime that involves utilising your hand and having some personal space: alternatively, just by standing, you can listen to an audiobook, or even a pod-cast. The latter is an business which is actually growing, with its popularity motivating some figures like Spotify’s hedge fund shareholders to be involved, and is perhaps one of the most popular answers to what do people do on their commute.

A number of us actually have wondered how to make a long commute productive, as it does take a significant chunk of our working week: we are occupied individuals, and every second is precious. One thing you can do is plan ahead your week, possibly with regards to your grocery shopping and what you are going to cook for dinner, or what ingredients you need in order to prepare your work lunches in advance and take them with you instead of spending money every day. Whatever you require to spend time on, be it your social calendar or sorting out your monthly spending, it can be a productive answer to how to make better use of commute time.

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